It bag by Charlene Perillat - Lionel Daviet

It bag by Charlene Perillat – Lionel Daviet… or empty his bag in public, a discovery of beautiful as a Monday, bags, bags and Co.

At beautiful as a Monday, our second passion after the bags are the books! It Bag by Charlene Perillat – Lionel Daviet is our latest find, it's a pearl as we love them.

Because a book about bags is a bit like having whipped cream AND strawberries on the same day in your fridge, a dream!

Because the love that women bring to their bags, bags, baskets… It's a bit like our engine at a beautiful Monday and discovering the treasures they carry is downright reaching the holy grail.

And because it takes on a double challenge, revealing the contents of girls' handbags, and bags to all boys, and getting those same girls and boys to pose in the simplest device.

"It all started the day … .
… Charlene emptied her bag on the couch to find her phone cable. The scattered content, the display of all these different elements previously hidden from view, took us into a conversation about this secret territory that is the handbag, and about the importance often attached to its contents.

We wanted to take the concept further by revealing through the photo the intimacy of people literally and figuratively, by exposing them to their homes, in a kind of abyss by going from inside the bag to the inside of their home.

Over time, this project has transformed itself into a human, sociological adventure, multiplying encounters and exchanges; allowing most participants to have their first photographic experience."

The result is this magnificent object that we keep flipping through, which despite the taboo of objects and all the secrets it conceals and reveals, exudes humor and benevolence.

In short, don't wait for Christmas, you'll find other ideas between now and then, order or offer the It Bag Conte (nudes) of bags to everyone you love.