At beautiful as a Monday, it is the encounters that make our history, and the art (among others) that inspires us, and that's how the capsule collection was born as beautiful as a Monday by Ced Vernay!

Ced VERNAY is a modern pointillist, a pixel explorer.

Yet banned from all photographers, cameramen or graphic designers, this French artist places him at the heart of his artistic work as a symbol of human imperfection.

Ced VERNAY has been plunging us into this pixelated universe for nearly fifteen years. Always in search of new techniques, he mainly creates portraits in collage of confetti, in oil painting on canvas and more recently on magnets so that their future buyers can take his place and thus modify the work at leisure.

Experiences that are both interactive and immersive where the viewer is invited to take a step back from the paintings and thus move from the abstract to hyper-realism.

His work is beginning to go around the world whether in Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Tokyo, Miami or Cape Town in South Africa where he has just performed.

After living in Brazil for a long time, he is now based in Marseille.

"It was through a mutual friend that we met, and it is with simplicity and naturalness that they (Ced Vernay is assisted by his precious and delicious wife "Cat") welcomed me into their studio, they showed me the work of the artist and the techniques used, and together we selected the portrait of "Monroe" made by Ced VERNAY collage of confetti to create the capsule collection beautiful as a Monday by Ced Vernay."

The collection comes in bags, mini bags, totebag and pouches. The work was printed on a cotton canvas, and the idea of confetti, used by Ced Vernay on the original work, is evoked by hand-stitched sequins. The handles and bottoms are leather, red, silver or gold.

The artist's news is dense in 2018, a very recent performance was performed by Ced VERNAY at the Alliance Française du Cap in South Africa, a rather exceptional performance since this time the public was able to see the construction of a new painting on magnets at the same time as the screening of the cult film "La Piscine" from which it originated.

And in addition to having exhibited in Paris, from 3 to 6 May in the heart of the Marais, he also participated in the Salon d'Art Contemporain d'Aix en Provence (Sm'Art – 17 to 21 May) and has just installed not only his creative place but also his permanent exhibition in a space of more than 200 m2 at the entrance of the Docks, next to the Place de la Joliette.

Space in which you will find of course the entire collection beautiful as a Monday by Ced Vernay, the opportunity to discover the artist and find your it-bag of the season.

10 Place de la Joliette – Les Docks Village
13002 Marseille