beau comme un lundi

The story behind the name

This is the story of a girl who used to go to the beach on Mondays because she had to work on Sundays and couldn’t go. The phrase, beau comme un lundi, was coined back in the time when I lived by the ocean, and worked on Sundays. With some friends, we used to meet up at the beach on Mondays, to go surfing, to have a picnic, to soak in the Sun… We felt deeply blessed and privileged, happy and carefree and, as one of us always pointed out, it was
« sunny as a Monday. »
It has therefore became the philosophy of the brand and its creator : to make every day as beautiful as a Monday !

a radiant collection!

Whether you live in the city, in the countryside or at the beach, what you wear has an impact on your days, your challenges, your successes!
Sunshine, the new beau comme un lundi’s collection. Summer 20 is inspired by the sun, its energy and its softness, its harmonious coloramas and its never changing and reassuring pace.
Baskets, cabas, beachwear, Necklaces… Inspired by a nomadic and Bohemian lifestyle , the materials are natural, the prints are colorful, to make your Mondays look like Sundays.

Let us now introduce Anastasia, our model for the Summer 20 collection.. She is an artist and a photographer who lives between Russia, Bali and Portugal. She is an independent, lively, nomadic and creative woman, who happily travels the world as well as the radiant mom of a little girl.

Her solar, simple and natural looks have seduced us. Her kindness and professionalism have turned the encounter into a magical moment.

beau comme un lundi,
an optimistic and ethical brand

At beau comme un lundi, we work respectfully with our suppliers. They grow with us and are paid for the quality of their work.
We are infinitely grateful to them, as well as to the customers who follow us and make us move forward.
Handcrafted in Bali from natural materials , each piece is unique and traditional ancestral know-how transmitted from mothers to daughters on the Island of Gods is used. A legacy that seduced us at beau comme un lundi, for whom work goes along with pleasure, and human goes along with tomorrow!