Doriane, marketing and communication assistant at beau as a Monday, reveals her unusual destinations for a summer rich in culture and beauty!

1/ Florence, capital of Tuscany 

Florence, the old capital of Tuscany, called "La Bella" is now a provincial capital that is located picturesquely on both sides of the River Arno, surrounded by hills and Apennines. The city is the cradle of the Renaissance in Italy, and has a great cultural and artistic richness, which has earned it its inscription as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

However, Florence is not only a museum city, you can discover its activities, its wine bars, its terraces of cafes, its restaurants, its night markets, its popular festivals that, at nightfall, fill the city with a merry hubbub.

Finally Florence is a city of gastronomy. With its diversity, refinement and simplicity, Tuscan cuisine is one of the city's riches. Florentine culinary specialties are a delight for the palate.

A romantic destination, Florence is an excellent choice to explore the Tuscan gems for a weekend of 2 or 3 days or more.

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2/ Mataranka,Australia

This city is described as the capital of nowhere, as it is located in the middle of the Northern Territory, about 106km southeast of Katherine Gorge. It is a destination that cannot be "avoided" because it is located on the long and straight Stuart Highway, the only road that connects South Australia to the north…

So the opportunity to take a break during your journey and discover his universe!

Nearby Elsey National Park is home to several hot springs and natural swimming pools. Among them, the paradise Matanraka Thermal Pool! 

This natural basin, nestled in the heart of a palm forest, resembles a lost oasis with its almost unreal turquoise water and an idyllic temperature of 34 degrees. Around you, parrots, wallabies, bats and even freshwater crocodiles (not in the pool but in the Waterhouse River that flows next door) immerse you totally in an adventure movie setting! 

A real little paradise lost…

Mararanka hot springs is the favorite destination of beautiful as a Monday

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3/ Bali, Indonesia 

Bewitching, Bali is an enchantment for the senses. The terraced rice fields backed by the chains of volcanoes and the lush vegetation offer landscapes of rare beauty. The island marked by Hinduism and ancestral beliefs has an invaluable cultural heritage including temples, traditional villages and many festivities. 

We surf in Bali as much as we tan! 

Tropical charm and seaside pleasures, Bali enjoys a favourable climate for much of the year. 

Bali is home to an authentic and deep local culture that deserves to be discovered.

Whether you are nature, shopping or a night owl, there is always a magical place for you on the Is of the Gods. 

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4/ Santorini, Greece

Santorini is one of the most magical islands in Greece. It is a barren and rocky island facing a beautiful volcano. Its black and red beaches and cliff-top towns offer breathtaking scenery and sublime sunsets. Santorini is a dramatic beauty, far from the lush green islands.


If you want to go around Santorini in one day, we recommend renting a car or a quad bike in order to have some mobility to discover the surroundings. The island is small (76 km2), but it is not easy to travel there without means of transport.

Some of the beaches of this volcanic island are original to their location. Thus, to the south of the island, The beach of Red Beach is worth a visit because as the name suggests, it is a beach with reddish colors. Similarly, the beach of Periosia is a beautiful black sand beach, long and pleasant, with a wild and authentic appearance. Finally, Kamari Beach is known for its lively atmosphere and numerous accommodations and restaurants. These are the three most beautiful beaches in Santorini but of course there are many others if you dream of escape.

If you are a fan of old stones and archaeological sites, the Akrotiri site will make you happy! Akrotiri was covered in ash during one of the volcano's eruptions and offers remnants of impressive quality. 

Discover the Nea Kaméni volcano, a part that is still active. Then continue with the hot springs, to bathe in water up to 35 degrees.

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5/ Peru, Mexico 

The Andes, the Amazon, the lost cities of the Incas like Machu Picchu, the colorful markets… Peru is all that. In this huge country, adventure is at the rendezvous.

The ascent of Machu Pichu is not improvised, it threatens to deteriorate greatly with the passage of humans, the entrances to the site are now limited and it is imperative to have reserved his place before going there. At 2,430 m above sea level, in the middle of a tropical forest, Machu Picchu was certainly the most incredible creation of the Inca Empire (its walls, terraces and ramps seem integrated into the rock).

Cuzco is the region in which the Inca Empire was born and home to many vestiges of this civilization and whose old town of the same name attracts many visitors.

But that's not all, Peru is a country full of surprises, did you know that it was home to sand dunes? Which you can surf! Cerro Blanco is a mountain covered with white sand.

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Happy holidays to all!