A summer taste in the form of a travel diary on our blog this week;
To reveal a little bit of our Summer 18 collection as beautiful as a Monday.
To share a production in Bali and its climatic vagaries.
To bring a little color and warmth in the winter.
To make you discover Mu, and its infinity pool… A taste of paradise!

News from the prod:

First some news of the production of the new Summer 18 collection in Bali. Despite a very angry volcano, torrential rains, everyone worked well, cut, sewn, braided.

It's always a crazy race against time, moments of intense stress, the pleasure of seeing the models take shape.

Shells, burlap, raffia pompoms, straw, soft fabric, you'll love summer 18!

You have to printer the liners, collect all the supplies, dispatch them in the workshops, check, iron, label, pack, count, re-check… Again and again, in a country where nonchalance is queen and or a smile is worth every apology. Adapt, always, let go so as not to lose his Latin, but start again the next day to not let anything pass.

And God created Mu!

This is why Mu exists, a haven of peace and gentleness facing the sea. Barefoot and head in the air all weekend to recharge, beach or pool, Mu salad or Nasi goreng, laughter and smiles. Lazing or doing lots of things, yoga, surfing, massage…

We took the opportunity that weekend to do an express shoot of the new collection, dream colors at sunset, Coachella basket or Cabas Shell, the little dress all soft and fluid that we put on after the shower on the little still wet to prolong the freshness.

The beachwear wardrobe of beautiful as a Monday is made for that, life at Mu, for ever! We didn't see the weekend go by, no big deal, on Monday, we like it too!

Shooting beautiful as a Monday in Mu bali

Smile mu bali

And now?

Of course, you'll need a little patience before you can discover the new collection as beautiful as a Monday Summer 18. You can now sign up for our newsletter, to be the first to know and to take advantage of our special offers, surprises, stories…

In the meantime, enjoy the winter, organize your summer!

Very quickly.

The team.

Mu Bali