A random encounter, or rather at the whim of social networks, became a joyful and enriching collaboration with Miriam Lasserre, stylist and personal shoppereuse.

From Barcelona to Paris, Miriam honed her mastery of fashion as a stylist for 10 years. In 2010, she decided to put her passion and skills at the service of individuals, and dedicated herself entirely to the profession of Personal Shopper, in Saint Germain des Prés, Paris Rive Gauche.

"Nowadays, faced with the multitude of offers in shops, some people are lost, discouraged. They want to follow the trends but can't target clothes that fit their morphology, or impulsively buy the latest piece in vogue that will hang around in the closet because it doesn't fit them."

Miriam offers a wide range of services and judicious advice, personal shopping, event dressing, colorimetry, and we especially like her consultation "Dressing detox" which corresponds so well to our vision of fashion at beau as a Monday, a pleasure and a game, to read in Elle, perfect for the spring cleaning season and to discover on site.

It was only natural that our paths would cross:

"I love clothes and accessories in color.

I am from Barcelona but I have lived in Paris for 6 years. Beautiful as a Monday reminds me of my city Barcelona, with the beach, the sun, the colors, a good atmosphere, the holidays…

In Paris it lacks colors in clothes, accessories, we do not realize too much the influence of colors on us but when we dress with colors we have a better day".

For this summer, Miriam Lasserre has selected for you a dressing room that adapts as much to the city as to the beach, and puts herself on stage for your/our greatest pleasure.

Thank you Miriam, we wish you and all of you a great summer.

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