What's round, kid, and that makes girls run?

It's a tidal wave on fashion planet, the superhero of Instagram, the darling of fashionbloggeuses!

This small round shoulder bag, handmade from natural materials, uses ancestral know-how, passed down from mothers to daughters on the island of Bali since antiquity.

Added to an it bag

The original model is hand-woven from the stem of Ata, a fern family plant that grows in Indonesia and has a rib similar to the rattan stem.

Ata weaving was originally intended for the manufacture of homemade utensils, bowls, trays, and various food storage containers. It then developed into decorative items, and into a multitude of bags, shoulder bags, round bags, baskets, cabas,

This craft, very localized in the villages of Karangasem province, is usually carried out by mothers, which allows them to work from home. The looms are made by the inhabitants of the villages. So much so that with the cultivation, harvesting and work of the plant, the entire villages live off the income of ata weaving.

In addition, this product is environmentally friendly because treated waste is easily assimilated through the natural recycling process, so it does not cause environmental pollution.

shoulder bag as beautiful as a Monday

How do you become a worldstar?

The island of Bali has in recent years become THE world's most popular destination for holidaymakers. From all the countries of the world, millions of visitors flock every season, attracted by the sweetness of the island, the smile of its inhabitants, the exquisite food, the beauty of the landscapes and what, I don't know, between mysticism and freedom, which makes it feel so good, if SOI.

The designers were not wrong and many of them, Italian, American, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, French of course… draw an artistic and now very mixed inspiration.

And God created Instagram;-)

So who was the first to post this little bag on social media? Who brought him back to his country for the first time? Which journalist decided to publish it in the shopping pages?

Still, I saw piles of cardboard filled with these round leather shoulder bags appear in my Balinese suppliers, departing for all corners of the globe, at the same time as the smallest "toko" (small Balinese shop that sells a little of everything) hung from its display.

2, 3 well-circulated posts and the fame of the Balibag was made.

And the Balibags as beautiful as a Monday

And even if at beautiful as a Monday we like the limited series, the exclusive models, the difference … We cracked, too, because:

  1. We're girls!
  2. They're so cute these bags, we wanted them all and we wanted to offer them to you.

And when it came to story telling, craftsmen, materials, they passed control handily anyway.

Smiling in Bali as beautiful as a Monday

So we even went so far as to take a car with my girlfriend Véro, the creator of the beautiful lemongrass Jewels jewelry, to go find these famous villages, what this plant, the Ata, looked like, find the heart of the legend…

And a little adventure… We had a good laugh of course, driving in Bali is always a challenge, we searched, asked, Map, Wase …. visited unlikely, middle-aged villages.

Balinese roosters

All this to understand that given the demand, it was not too much there that it was happening … But that they always got a lot of pride, and income;-)

For the Summer 19 collection, we offer the Balibag in 2 size variants, S or L. The S-shaped model is a gem, a mini leather shoulder bag, the Model L is just the perfect bag for this summer, handbag and fashion accessory at the same time.

On sale on our e-shop and in your favorite shops.

We wish you a great summer!