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It is with great pleasure that beautiful as a Monday sponsors the Longboard Pro Am of Montalivet on September 23 and 24.

Because we create bags that live for girls who move, because the ocean and nature have always been our main sources of inspiration in beautiful as a Monday, and because Montalivet is the place where it all began…

It seemed natural to us to join this International Competition in an atypical format that in the same waves of amateurs and professionals. All spiced up with a prize money of 5000 euros to share.

This surfing competition, which brings together the longboards of 9 Feet (2.73m) minimum, the legendary and mythical surfs, will see amateurs and pro compete on the same waves, all in a Californian atmosphere of the 70s with concerts, artshow and vintage longboard exhibition.

The previous edition brought together surfers such as Justine Mauvin, Victoria Vergara, and Alice Lemoigne among others, who should be present on this new edition.
Beautiful as a Monday will reward the finalists of the Girl Division with an "it-bag filled" and each of the participants will be offered a gift from the brand.

Designer and surfer, Agnès Lellouche, at the head of the strore concept "Jungle Bazar" in Montalivet in Gironde, launched, in early 2011, "Beautiful as a Monday", a brand of luggage and creative and elegant accessories inspired by a nomadic and bohemian lifestyle! Today, she divides her free time between Annecy, Montalivet, the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and Bali where she finds her inspiration to create her collections.



beautiful as a Monday sponsors the Longboard Pro Am from Montalivet